Where does the honey come from?

Central Michigan Honey is produced in Clare, Michigan, right in the center of the state.  Honey bees are kept at farms, homes and acreage primarily within a 20 mile radius of Clare.  At ceratin times of the year, we do transport our bees to special areas like when it's blueberry season, etc.  We've gone as far as California with our bees.


We didn't make it, the bees did.

Those bees are hard-workin' little creatures.  All day long they travel out in search of nectar to bring back to the hive, and back out again.  Pollen is sort of a perk of that activity.  Humans don't make honey, we care for large populations of bees and their queens and harvest the extra honey from the hives.


Where can I get Central Michigan Honey?

Currently, Tice's Farm Market, south end of Clare just before the Yield 'roundy-round' on US-27/South McEwan St. (which turns into N. Mission Rd south of Clare)
11715 N Mission Rd, Clare, MI 48617